Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reichsarmee Update

Whew,..well the past two weeks have been pretty busy. I wish I could say I got a great deal acomplished with this project,...but thats not the case. I got alot of things done (starting a D&D campaign for my buddies..thats a huge time drain there), but not alot thats blog related. I did manage to find the time to finish painting the Reichsarmee troops for Rossbach.

Here we see, Charles de Rohan, Duc de Rohan, Marechal of France, the Prince of Soubise confering with the Prince of Hessen-Darmstadt. Holding a grand review of the Reichsarmee troops in his army.

A close up of the Prince de Soubise, the flag is his personal crest (or family not sure which), I thought it would add some additional color to the Army Commander Stand.

The "Blau" Wurzburg Regiment.

The Varel Brigade, consisting of the Kurtier Regiment (used this one for the command stand) and Varel Regiment.

The Hohenzollern Cavalry Brigade, coming from closest to farest, is the Wurttemburg Dragoons, the Hohenzollern Cuirassier, and Kurplafz Carabiniers.

The 2nd Hohenzollern Cavalry Brigade (same guy commanded both brigade, rather confusing chain of command). Closest is the Brandenburg-Ansbach Dragoons (blue facings) and then the Brandenburg-Bayreuth Cuirassier (red facings)

For those wondering here is the Age of Honor, stats/OoB for the Reichsarmee at Rossbach
--Hessen-Darmstadt (xx)
--Holstein: C 3/-2 (Blau Wurzberg Regt.)
--Rosenfeld: C 3/-/2 (Kreis Regt)
--Varel: C 6/5/4 (Varel & KurTrier Regts.)
--Ferentheil: C 6/5/4 (Ferentheil & Kronegk Regts.)
-- 2 Foot Batteries (Regulars)
Hohenzollern: R 7/5/4 AT (Hohenzollern & Kurpfalz Cuir., Wurttemburg Dragoons)
Hohenzollern-B: C 8/7/5 HT (Bayreuth Cuir., Ansbach Dragoons)

Hope to do some French and finish the Prussian Cavalry this next week...fingers crossed.
Would love to say more but have to get going else I'll be late for work.