Thursday, August 27, 2009

6mm Figures

So...who to use for the project. Baccus, H&R, Adler, Irregular so manychoices...well not really but you get the idea.

In the end I decided to stick with the Classic H&R (Navwar) line. Now I know Baccus is taking the 6mm world by storm in popularity. And while yes they do have alot going for them, several factors kept me in the old school H&R family.

First off...I still have ALOT of old unpainted H&R 7YW what of an incentive to keeping cost down.

Next, while I think that Baccus does AWESOME infantry I do..calm down now..think their cavalry suck. To create better detail on the rider they really screwed up the horse. Their cavalry IMO look like an army of lumberjacks, NBA & NFL players riding on ponies from some kids zoo. Seriously many of their cavalry...the rider and his head & gear/helment etc is bigger than horse's head. I've only been on or near horses so many times but you notice these are BIG animals. You see a guy on the horse you notice the size of the horse not the guy riding it. Baccus' efforts to bring greater detail to 6mm I think distorted their cavalry lines.

H&R despite their age...are really good 6mm figures. (Not to slight Baccus again..but for their size...and Baccus are like 2-3mm bigger and wider than H&R). Anyone who can't produce really good paint jobs with H&R should stick to 15mm+.

Flag Stands...yes again the Baccus method of using super cool PC printed Flags are great. But again...still have some problems. AGAIN I think their flags are TOO BIG, second it seems that only the English armies in both their 7YW range and Napoleonic ranges, come with TWO Flag bearers.....whats up with that? Almost every nation had a colonel and regimental colour. So whats with stiffing all the other nations of Europe...only England gets the cool two flag look.
Plus...where is the 6mm challenge in printing flags from the internet or off pre-made sheets. Any 6mm painter who loves 6mm...REALLY enjoys trying to paint flags to get as much realistic detail on them as possible, its a fun challenge.

(To all the Baccus fanatics out there...please no hate mails...these are just my opinions..we are talking about 6mm figures for heavens sake)

So with those reasons I go with the oldies but goodies. And once you see my 1st photos, you'll see how good those H&R can least imo anyway.



  1. I use H&R figures exclusively for my SYW, Napoleonic, ACW, and FPW gaming. I have read so much about how wonderful Baccus figures are but stay with H&R in preference. I believe H&R castings are of the correct dimensions and on mass create a great spectacle.

    I look forward to reading future additions to your Blog.

  2. I have actually considered getting some 7YW troops myself, and in the chosen 6mm size, but have so many Napoleonic figures to paint, and others that can't spare the time or money right now.

    You are correct about Baccus, butalthough the company is called Baccus6mm, not one figure in the range is that size! The comment on the horses is also correct, but all figures are wirldly out of scale, which is the old NATO 1/300.

    It seems to me that if you want two flags, you may want a few more figures on the base :) I actually prefer to see units with as many figures as possible in that size, and this is possible because they paint up quickly since there is no need to do as much work on them as one does on even the 10 or 12mm figures never mind 15mm. In many ways Baccus figures are sculpted for the painter not the wargamer...