Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day One


Welcome to my newly created Blog. This site will be an account of my Seven Years War (also WSS and WAS) 6mm wargaming project. I did do the 7YW in the past with Warfare in the Age of Reason. A fine rule set, but didn't give me the satisfaction of BIG battles. But since I painted that collection over the course of many year, and often with little direction I decided to sell off the figures on Ebay (quite successfully too). Figuring that some day I would go back to the 7YW, that day came sooner than expected. I've been a huge fan of Fire&Fury since day one of its release. Age of Eagles is an excellent adaptation of those rules. And the soon to be released Age of Honor rules has rekindled my love of 18th century warfare. So starting totally from scratch I decided to record my progress with this project. Show pictures of my works, create and post scenarios which AoH may not cover, and hopefully hear from people who like me think 6mm is the only way to wargame.


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  1. Good news and congratulations for this new blog.