Friday, August 28, 2009

First units

So the first part of my Age of Honor project will be doing the Battle of Rossbach. (I'm guess the AoH scenario book most likely won't be out this year, I could be wrong ..if comes early) An extremely lopsided victory in Frederick's favor, I think it's hard to reproduce in a wargame, lets face it..all the breaks pretty much went towards the Prussians. A few bad rolls for the Prussians a few good ones for the French right at the start of the game, and the wargame might be have a different ending. Also the French army at Rossbach is just a wonderfully colorful army to paint, French units, Swiss & German regiments in the French army, Austrian cavalry, the Reichsarmee units (crappy troops true, but well dressed). It certainly won't be dull painting ahead.

My mounting for the AoH is slightly different than I'm sure the rules say or AoE basing. I decided to go with a more wider frontage and lesser depth. First because that works better for mounting the 5 man strips for H&R figures. Also I think it looks better in terms for the more linear armies of this time period. Either way like the rules state the basing isn't that important as long as it's uniform for all troops.

Pictures of the first couple units are at the bottom of the page. My PC/blog creating skills are pretty minimal so getting them as part of this post or between post baffles me...I'm sure I'll figure out eventually. Anyway...painted two Reichsarmee brigades and brigade of Prussian cavalry. Hope to finish the remaining Reichsarmme units over the weekend.


  1. A question do you play in 6mm with Age of Eagles ?

  2. I did, like my early 7YW collection I sold it off on Ebay. The AoE collection was older paint jobs spread out over 12+ years, not well organized. Good figures over all but not want I really wanted. After the AoH project is done its back to daunting as that is.